Our Staff


    Bishop Eweama

    Moran Mor Ike Eweama, PhD, MSC
    Bishop of Armed Forces & Veteran Services
    Washington DC

    Dr Uzo Eweama

    Dr. Uzo Eweama OD, MSC, MA, COMS
    Chancellor of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy Board Member

    Fr Manuel

    Mor. Abdiel Theophorus Tikhon, DMIN, MSC
    Vicar General

    CH (LTC) William Baron

    Chaplain (LTC) William Baron, MSC
    Abp. Seraphin, SD, MDiv

    Fr Quinton

    Rev Fr. Captain Diosdado T. Quinton, MSC
    Director of Pastoral Care
    Las Vegas

    Fr Angel Arcilla

    Rev. Fr. Angel Arcilla, STD, MSC
    Director of Ecumenical Relations
    New York

    Rev, Samuel Joseph Divine
    Rev. Fr. Captain Samuel Joseph Divine, MSC
    Director of Youth's program

    Dr. Victoria Asiegbu
    Dr. Victoria Asiegbu
    Director of Education and Outreach Services

    Fr (Maj) ODII Abia
    Fr (Maj) ODII Abia
    Director of Pastoral and VA Chaplain Services